We guarantee interrupted free Wifi internet access at the amp-theatre and some hotspots on site. Contact the school administrator for the password.


We provide a nutritious and affordable menu served in our comfortable and safe cafeteria by a professional team that looks and feels good.


For any medical care, kindly contact the Hospitality Services Administrator or the Hostel Wardens. Students on medication for chronic illnesses should carry their medicines and also have their doctors’ emergency contacts.


social activities
MIHS Drama Students - Social Activities

We off a wide range of extracurricular activities to enable a comfortable stay and learning at MISH. These include; volleyball, football, gardening, cookery, long-distance running, badminton, basketball, body fitness, swimming and other outdoor activities.

There are indoor games that you may borrow on a short-term basis like Chess, Cards, Ludo, Table tennis, and Draft.

We provide a variety of daily newspapers in the library for information sharing. The library is open every weekday until 10:00 pm.

Residents may go off-site in the evening for walks but should return by 10:00 pm.


Christian prayers are held from Monday to Friday 8:00 am – 8:30 am in the Suubi chapel. There is a Church of Uganda parish located on Sseguku Hill. To get there turn right as you are going to Kampala and take the 1st left turn (Sunday Services at 8 am, 9 am and 10 am. The mosque is along Kampala Road (about ½ km and is on the right (service Friday at 1.00 pm). To access Lweza Catholic Church, turn left out of the main gate and walk about 1km – the church is up a left turn (Sunday Masses at 7:00 am, 8:00 am and 9:00 am).


We have security officers to manage Mildmay gates and patrol the entire site 24/7 backed by security dogs.

Our rooms are secure. All residentials off-site are manned by security personnel day and night


Unsociable behavior is prohibited, not playing loud music, shouting, and slamming doors.

Silence should be observed on the site after 10:00 pm. Please refer to the Hostel Rules booklet.


Smoking is prohibited in Hostels. Please refer to the Hostel rules and Regulation Booklet.


Notify the hospitality services administrator when you expect visitors.

Visitors may have meals in our cafeteria upon payment. Please ask the Warden for guidance.

Male students are strictly forbidden from entering the Girls' Hostel and female students are forbidden from entering Boy’s Hostel.


All students residing off-site are provided transport to and from the main site. Pick-up time is 7:45 am and Drop-off time is 7:50 pm. Keeping time is essential to avoid missing the van.

After dinner, all offsite students will gather at the main gate as they wait for Van.


MIHS holds integrity and outstanding character as key values. Our learners are required to dress in full college Uniforms (as per professional guidance) during class time. All learners are expected to dress decently after school hours.


Our Lecture Theatres provide ample and conducive learning environments with enough space for all our learners. Our Theatres are within walkable distances within the MIHS campus.


Located within the Institute, MIHS provides a comfortable and spacious place for students to eat and drink. Our lounges provide opportunities for students to socialize, study alone or in groups, or just relax between classes.