The School of Applied Sciences (SAS) is a science connection point to many professional careers in the health field. While here, we will shape your desired professional destiny through our robust, flexible and student-work tailored courses.

The school offers courses based on disciplines that are used to apply scientific knowledge to human phenomena, develop practical and technological applications, and improve results from natural sciences. While natural sciences use basic science (or pure science) to diagnose and treat

the natural world, SAS courses will empower you with professional skills and knowledge to improve treatment outcomes within populations. We pride ourselves in shaping your professional management skills to meet the demand for leadership of highly technical professionals in the workplace.

While at SAS, our experienced lecturers and tutors will guide your professional career through hands-on and experiential physical and online sessions.  Students in the school undertake courses in the applied sciences field while specializing in a specific area such as one of the following:

  1. Health and Social Systems Management
  2. Human Nutrition and Clinical Dietetics
  3. Food Science and Technology
  4. Public Health
  5. Medical Records and Health Informatics
  6. Environmental Health
  7. Paediatric Palliative Care
  8. General Counselling
  9. Child Counselling
  10. Geriatrics and Gerontology


Mrs. Elizabeth Okello

Dean School of Applied Sciences
Mildmay Institute of Health Sciences

P.O Box 24985 Kampala
Tel: +256 312 210 200

Academic Programmes in this School

Program Name or Title About Programme
Higher Diploma in Child Counselling

Intake - July/August

Fees per semester/module (excluding functional fees) - 684,000/-

Eligibility - Minimum: Diploma in any health or Social care field and work experience in a Health and social care field.

Higher Diploma in Geriatrics and Gerontology

Intake - July/August

Fees per module/semester (excluding Functional fees) - 684,000/-

Eligibility - Minimum: Diploma in a medical or social related field and work experience in a Health and social care Field.

Higher Diploma in Paediatric Palliative Care

Intake - July/August

Eligibility - Minimum: Diploma in a medical or Social related field and work experience in a Health and social care Field.

Leadership and Management in Health

Intake - April-June

Eligibility - 

Monitoring and Evaluation in Global Health

Intake - December

Eligibility - 

Policy Development and Advocacy in Global Health

Intake - August

Eligibility - 

Project Management in Health

Intake -May

Eligibility -