A dream swayed by a need to save a bleeding dad

Mary Kemigabo a 22-year-old can’t believe she ended up in a clinical profession because all she wanted to be was a lawyer right from her childhood. The turning point in Mary’s life was when her dad cut himself with a sharp object and bled badly that no one at home wanted to touch him yet the then 13-year-old was quick to tie her dad before he was taken to Nakasero hospital. This was when the doctor at the hospital asked Mary’s dad who tied his wound and to the doctor’s admiration, a little Mary was the reason dad was alive.

This changed Mary’s ambitions to becoming a medical doctor, a profession she then embarked on in 2016 at Mildmay Uganda institute of Health sciences with a diploma in clinical medicine and has 1 and half years to finish this three-year course.

Kemigabo currently in a class of 66 students thinks she made a right choice as she is learning from the best doctors who are ready to give her time as the facilitators are easily accessible with a hands on approach of the course as Mildmay Uganda hospital is always available to help them learn better. Mary can only look up to the future with belief and hopes to bring in more of her friends to come and study from the Institute. Mary would jump to an opportunity of continuing with her Bachelors in Medicine and surgery course at Mildmay Uganda if the offer arises as she loves the environment and the experiences she has attained from her clinical medicine diploma so far

Mildmay Uganda institute of health science is an accredited institution of higher learning by the National Council of Higher Education and aims to model quality and sustainable prevention, care and treatment systems and Over the years, MIHS has continued to impart knowledge and skills to over 30,000 health and non-health professionals both local and international students to develop and manage programmes for addressing HIV and other priority health issues in Uganda and in the sub-Saharan region.

The academic register Mr Venantius Kirwana thinks the reason for this upward demand for the courses is because of the hands on approach in delivering the courses with world class lectures who are easily accessible to the students. ‘’Our former students have contributed to this upsurge for our courses because they keep referral to us many more students than we advertise’’ remarked Mr Venacious.