Welcome to MIHS

Welcome to the Mildmay Institute of Health Sciences. We provide diverse and extensive areas of study organized under different schools. Study, Accommodation, and Recreation facilities are provided in a safe and serene environment

Safety at MIHS

The MIHS Security Services unit ensures a safe and secure stay and learning environment and surrounding areas for staff, students, and visitors. While appropriate measures are in place to always ensure this, a culture of collective responsibility in respect to the safety of persons and property is promoted. Please notify the Security Services unit immediately if you notice any suspicious behaviour, illegal activity, potentially threatening situations, or problems. 

Our Quality of Education:

We lead and deliver quality programs that are internationally competitive. This is championed by a professional team with outstanding experience in the various fields and amiable environment for learning. We guarantee a learning environment that enables our learners tap into their innate power and excel in their respective fields.

mihs academics
MIHS Students during Laboratory Class


Lecture Theatres

Our Lecture Theatres provide ample and conducive learning environment with enough space to all our learners. Our Theatres are in walk able distances within the MIHS campus.


Our library has the leading collection of resources related to our fields. More about the Library Resource Center


MIHS has residence accommodation available at its campus and in the Hostels located within the vicinities. Should you need to apply for a place to stay at any of the residences, you must do so when you apply to study at MIHS. Remember that the demand for MIHS residence accommodation exceeds the space available, so please book early. If you are placed in MIHS residence, it gives you a closer sense of connection to the Institute and is your home away from home where you can live and learn with your friends. Friendly staff are on hand to look after your well-being and assist you if you experience difficulties or need medical or emotional support. At MIHS residences, food is provided by the Institute. Our residences are equipped with Dstv and other entertainment facilities to give students a balance between life and studies. While at our residences, we guarantee safety once you follow our safety and security guidelines. These are provided on admission.

The Hospitality Services Administrator is always on-site Monday-Sunday from 8:00am-5:00pm – Stephen.obonyo@mildmay.or.ug 

Recreation Facilities

We offer a wide range of extracurricular activities to enable students develop their talents and to maintain physical fitness. Facilities are available for volley ball, football, basketball, gardening and cookery. In-door games such as Chess, Cards, Ludo, Table tennis and Draft are available for borrowing on short term basis.

Religious Services

MIHS is a Christian Non-discriminatory Institution. Christian prayers are held from Monday to Friday 8:00 am – 8:30am in the Campus Chapel.  Students of various faiths are encouraged to attend other religious gatherings in the vicinity; there is a Church of Uganda parish located on Seguku Hill. To get there turn right as you are going to Kampala and take the 1st left turn (Sunday Services at 8am, 9am and 10am. The Mosque is along the Kampala Road (about ½ km and is on the right (service Friday at 1.00 pm). To access Lweza Catholic Church, turn left out of the Main gate and walk about 1km – the church is up a left turn (Sunday Masses at 7:00am, 8:00am and 9:00 am).