The Higher Education Certificate Access Program (HECAP) is now offered at MIHS.

Program Rationale

The HECAP is a 1 year Bridging course aimed for any one who would wish to join higher education from their A' level; for diploma or degree but may not have attained sufficient grades to enroll for their desired course. After completion of this certificate, a student has an equivalent of a principle pass in Biology/Chemistry making it possible for them to enroll on either diploma or bachelor's of their choice.

The Higher Education Certificate Access Programme (HEAP) provides learners with the basic introductory knowledge, cognitive and conceptual skills and practical techniques required for higher education. Attainment of a HEAP signifies that the learner has attained a basic level of knowledge and competence required to undertake higher education studies at bachelors or diploma levels.

For example: If one wanted to do a Diploma in Clinical Medicine which requires a principal pass in Biology and 2 subsidiary passes (which must include Chemistry), yet at their A level perhaps they didn't obtain a principal pass in Biology: such a person can start by undertaking this 1 year HECAP, after which they would now be eligible to take on the Diploma in Clinical Medicine instead of having to repeat S.6 or even do a course that was not in their interest and passion.

The HECAP is also for students from other countries who would wish to pursue higher education with us but their qualifications don't permit them to do so in the Ugandan Education System. Once completed, such students are considered eligible to enroll for any of our programs.

Overall Program Objective

The program aims to provide learners with the basic introductory knowledge, cognitive and conceptual tools and practical techniques for further higher education studies in biological sciences.

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of this programme, students will be able to;

  1. Demonstrate an ability to present, evaluate and interpret qualitative and quantitative data, in order to develop lines of arguments and make sound judgments in accordance with basic theories and concepts of their area of study;
  2. Evaluate the appropriateness of different approaches to solving problems related to their area of study and/or work;
  3. Communicate the results of their study/work accurately and reliably, and with structured and coherent arguments;
  4. Apply their subject-related transferable skills in contexts where individuals may have some limited personal responsibility, but the criteria for decisions and the scope of the task are well defined;
  5. Undertake further training and develop new skills within a structured and managed environment;
  6. Work with others to achieve defined objectives. In addition, they should be able to take up leadership roles in group work;

Target Group

The Higher Education certificate access program (Biologicals) is intended to serve as a pre-undergraduate programme for students intending to pursue biological and health science related programmes in Biology, Chemistry or health science including but not limited to Medicine, dental surgery, Nursing, Pharmacy and Allied Health Programmes.

Admission Requirements

  • Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education or its equivalent with a Subsidiary Passes in both Biology and Chemistry. 
  • For A-Level Students without Biology and/or Chemistry; At least two principal passes at UACE are required and UCE with credits in each of the following subject; Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics. 
  • Technical/Vocational Qualifications in Biological Sciences or Health-related disciplines such as Nursing/Midwifery, Environmental Health Sciences, Pharmacy and Laboratory Techniques and any other health related certificate; that are considered equivalent to the Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (A-level).  

Students whose foreign secondary school qualifications are not considered equivalent to the Ugandan A-level (Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education) but permit admission into Higher Education in their respective countries. Such students shall be required to have an equivalent of Uganda Certificate of Education with at least a credit in each of the following three subjects: Mathematics, Biology and Chemistry. Foreign students whose studies were not conducted in English shall show proof of proficiency in the English Language. 

Mode of Delivery

The course will be delivered using student-based learning approaches. Campus based lectures, quizzes, discussions, Case studies, videos, and audio presentations, will be used.


The minimum duration for conducting a Higher Education Certificate Access Porgramme    shall be one academic year (structured as a two-semester programme).

Assessement & Evaluation

Assessment of performance will be based on the NCHE standard examination, grading and promotion system.

Progression, Probation, Discontinuation

  1. Progression: A student who passes all courses taken with a minimum cumulative Grade point Average of 2.0 (50%) and above will progress to the next stage.
  2. Probation
  1. A student who fails a course


  1. A student who receives a cumulative grade point Average (CGPA) of below 2.0 will not receive automatic progression. This will be referred to as Probation progress.

When either (a) or (b) no longer holds (after retake), then progression will then occur.

  1. Discontinuation: A student shall be discontinued from the programme if one of the following conditions below obtains
    1. Receiving two probations on the same course
    2. Receiving two consecutive probations based on CGPA.
  2. Re-sit policy: Two attempts at each assignment will be granted. A third attempt may be granted after an appeal if the student is able to show sufficient mitigation. A re-sit is not a right; the Examination Board has the right to refuse an individual student the re-sit opportunity if there is documented evidence that work and/or attendance have been unsatisfactory and if the student has received a formal warning and has not shown significant improvement.

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