Welcome to Mildmay Institute of Health Sciences (MIHS).

MIHS was founded by Mildmay Uganda, a Centre of excellence for HIV, Education and Research. MIHS is a Christian, non-denominational Institute of Higher Learning registered by the National Council of Higher Education, the Uganda Nurses and Midwives Council, and the Allied Health Professionals Council.

At MIHS, you’ll join a community of outstanding academics who share your passion for your subject and are committed to helping you learn and develop and, in time, become an expert in your own right. Our size and breadth enable us to offer you an exceptional student experience. Our Curriculum combined with an unparalleled range of opportunities that complement your study, means you can make your time with us a unique experience: one that is shaped around your individual goals, interests, career ambitions as well as holistic needs of the health care sector and employment market demands, locally and regionally.

In the health training and education sub sector, there has been increasing students’ enrolment in the available institutions with the gross enrolment rate standing at 6.2% while the growth of training institutions is averaging at 1.2% per year. This implies the current health training institutions are still insufficient to address the human resource needs of the health sector.

The MUg 30 year master plan was designed to contribute to government efforts to address critical gaps in health care, education and research. The strategic planning process has been heavily informed by benchmarks with other Institutions around the globe such as the University of Manchester, and the Uganda Christian University, among others. Lessons have also been drawn from the Germany education model. Every aspect of this strategic plan is informed by the aspiration of the core mission and specifically the vision of being ‘A leader in health professional development’. Based on a Christian foundation, MIHS embraces the MUg leadership philosophy from facility-based to a household based health delivery



We want to inspire you to be part of the next generation of highly skilled, compassionate,  critical thinkers and leaders – contributing to high quality health care in years to come.

We’ll work closely with you to ensure we meet your expectations, respond to your feedback and let you know what we expect in return. Our approach to learning and teaching is to develop your knowledge and skills, so you become a critical thinker. You’ll learn how to define problems and how to go about finding answers – skills highly valued by employers. You’ll be encouraged to engage with ethical issues in your subject area and understand the importance of professionalism, excellence, integrity, innovation in developing and sustaining health systems.

From day one, you’ll be taught by outstanding, qualified, experienced and inspirational academics working at the forefront of their fields; with hands-on experience in your respective field. You’ll be actively engaged in learning through a combination of lectures (physical and online), seminars and tutorials, with additional time allocated to private study, project work, laboratory practice or fieldwork/hospital practicum.

We trust that you will find your time at MIHS enriching.

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