Centre for Children and Library Foundation

Centre for Children and Library Foundation is a community based organization. Started two years ago and basically it's guided by the motto  which states that "Child Protection Advocacy and Literacy Improvement for All Children "

Therefore after making an assessment of the educational deficiency of the children in the community of Abwanget. I had to write a project to support educational needs of the vulnerable children and also make it possible for the community to get a library established. This is for the purpose of improving reading, writing  among the community members more so the school going population. 

There is now available books secured for children, teens and Adults in all spheres of learning. This service is on a free cost. Also ICT skills are available.

ICT  and Library 

The community will be able to realize that children who are going to school are able to improve on their skills in writing, reading and speaking English and other languages if required.

Also those who are not able to join school develop the need to do so.

I intend to grow it by: giving more sponsorship to children who need support for education, also children will be able to know how to write, to speak and read , the literacy levels at community level will increase , more children will be able to do well  and acquire affordable quality education online with SDGs .

Support from Libraries of the world

Thank you MILDAMAY institute of  Health Sciences for mentoring me and thank you Madam Elizabeth for being my role model. God Bless you